Sunday, March 29, 2015

2 Tweet cards

Not the post I thought I was going to do next, but still a scout one none the less.
I've been busy delivering our troops boxes of Gift of caring cookies.  1st case has been deposited with a peer trainer for foster kids.  They put out cookies and treats during supervised visits between kids and biological parents.  Next boxes is ready to go down to the blood bank for distribution to mobile blood draw sites.  Nothing like a quick girl scout cookie pick me up after donating a pint.  I just finished packing two flat rate boxes with another case of cookies for our US troops in Okinawa, Japan, thus the cards in the post.  Now that it's in the mail.  I thought I'd share.
peek inside the boxes going to Japan.
I used the same basic design on both of them and Love how cute they turned out.
I picked up the felt supplies  at Target for making valentines. 
 Just opened the package yesterday though
Okay so ne4xt post coming soon will really be of the cub food drive.
  Photos are out now to get them on the page
Although I still have 1 more case of cookie to get delivered so who knows

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