Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fustrated with CM

My order was placed on 7/16 and my card was deactivated on the 30th of July due to potential fraudulent charges.  This is why payment will not go through.  Why wasn't my card charged at the time I placed the order then this wouldn't be an issue.  I have tried calling CM but they are currently not taking customer calls.  So how am I supposed to correct the problem?  At this point I rather cash out my credits then be threatened with collections.  I have been loyal customer since 1999 .  I'm frustrated and am seriously looking at other options for my future scrap book needs

Trying not to be to harsh,but I think they need to know that shutting down customer support is not in their best interest.
Thanks for letting me vent
I've tried posting to the CM facebook page but that's moderated so probably no one will see it
by the way I just got notification of the problem today 8/21/13 and have till Friday to fix it

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  1. Wow Haven, that's crazy! Your card should have been charged when the order went through? That's how it works with CTMH anyway. So sorry you're having to deal with this!