Monday, June 17, 2013

Tell me a story

This weeks challenge at lasting memories is tell me a story.  What does that mean?  Well it could be cute photos of your family reading books together like some of the DT has done, or it could be a visual story with lots of pictures, but most of all we want to see journaling. 

I to have a story to tell and it's rather sad

Paige Irvin died at the age of 23 this past Thursday, due to a heroin over dose.
I've been grappling with this sad fact through out this weekends summer staff training at the pool.
That's where we meet more then 14 yrs ago.
I can't remember if I taught her swim lessons, but I do know that I was her swim coach when she was 10.
I spent quit a bit of time working with her and her sister  Taylor and friend Marsha doing starts and turns.
We'd giggle and laugh at each belly flop off the starting blocks, but those were few and far between cause they were good little swimmers.  I watched her grow and struggle to become a young adult. 
She really struggled in high school and turned to Heroin to cope.
By the time she was a senior she'd been through rehab and seemed to be on the right track.
Got re-hired at the pool and was going to college.
another relapse
Got clean and came back much stronger then before.

unfortunately the lure of heroin was too much and we lost
the sweetest and kindest soul I've met.

So now that my story is shared I'm going to take a bit of a break to get my head straight
and dive into  the summer schedule and simple times with the kids

Don't worry I'll be back

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