Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Craft supply score

Okay so I only made it 3 months into the year with out buying anything new and technically it's not new stuff either as I scored these items at a craft supply sale at the local grange.  Several crafty people got together and cleared out their extra stash to sell.   If I didn't have to drop off cookies to the grange hall for one of my girls to sell then I might not have been tempted. 

Who am I kidding I knew the stuff would be there as one of my fellow bloggers had a table set up there.

So this is what I got for $9.75
all this stuff for under $10 not bad
cutest basic gray papers

and a bunch of random stuff.

Some of it was bundles with the paper like a kit for $5

Wish I had more time and money, but I deliberately took just $10 so I would go crazy.

Hopefully this will be my only weak moment this year.  Not sure if I'll make it to NSD hosted by my CM consultant or not

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