Monday, December 23, 2013

you amaze me

Have you ever had to stage a photo to get a story told? 
I did only because I wasn't thinking fast enough on the morning of Dec13th.
My daughter Jessica did one of her funky hair dos
Here's what transpired that morning
Me: aren't you worried the kids at school are going to make of you
Jessica:  It's okay, I don't care.
If they do it just means they are insecure of their self image.
I was so wowed by my 11yr old that I posted on Facebook and everyone wanted to see the picture of your hair.  Silly me didn't snap a picture so I had to wait for Jessica to get home from school.  Of course by the time she hit the door she had started to pull out the hair ties
Totally had to stage the photo to capture the story.
So glad I did, because I want her to know that she has
 always been self confident and beautiful
I used a new sheet of black board card stock.  So in love
the rest is from my stash.  Using up some color vibe paper from my CM collection
fussy cut the flowers from PP and used matching die cuts too.

added a little bling and sequence


  1. How smart that girl is!!!! I love it and I love your page!!

  2. Awww, what a perfect thing to say and think!!! I love this! And shows a lot about mom too .. :-) Well done with the pic and the perfect moment to scrap!