Monday, October 8, 2012

My Hometown at Lasting Memories

The current challenge at Lasting memories is "My Hometown"

And let me tell you it's had me struggling to come up with something.

 Even though I have resided in the same place for the last 16 years it's hard for me to land on a true hometown.  I was born into a career military family and my father was stationed at several bases across the country and over seas. 
Actually I was born in Wiesbaden Germany and lived there for the first 2 1/2 years of my life.  No I can't speak German and I really don't remember any of it.  My first Hometown wasn't even my town, but my grandparents town of Upper Marlboro, Maryland.  My moms parents  moved there when my Dad got orders for the Pentagon.  So as we hop scotched from one rental house to another during our wait for base housing at Bowling AFB, it was my grandparents house that we would spend weekends and holidays.
From there it was four years on Oahu, Hawaii at Hickam AFB .
Kind of hard to call an Air Force Base your home town, but it kind of was. 
My must memorable station was Randolph AFB in San Antonio Texas.
I love Texas because that's where I first fell in love, went to high school and learned to drive.
I was a Texan girl through and through Y'all.  Right down to my Justin Red Ropers.
Which I made the mistake of wearing at my new High school in Colorado Springs my Senior year.  Some sort of misdirected anger at Texas for ruining the Colorado Real Estate economy when the gas market bottomed out in the 70's.  Still don't understand why they thought it would be funny to box my car in the schools parking lot, just because of the Texas plates.  Needless to say I totally hated my Senior year of high school at MTV high.  (Not really MTV high but we did have Pauly Shore come visit when he was in town)
Went to college in Boulder Colorado, because of a boy.  Stupid me and lucky too.
Met my husband at the pool at Peterson AFB. In Colo. Springs after breaking up with the boy I stayed in state for.

So flash forward 16 years and here I am in wonderful Eugene, Oregon
You'd think it would be my hometown, but I just can't pin one down.

So what to do for this challenge?

Well the only time I truly feel at home is when I'm on the water. 
And that's one thing all of my other homes have had in common.
Whether it was time at the beach playing in the ocean, floating on the Guadalupe river, sailing on the reservoir our paddling the canoe in one of Oregon's beautiful lakes

This is my favorite photo of lake Cleawox

I made my own glitter letters by cutting black card stock at 1.5 inches from the font 2 on Devine Wedding cart then covered them in black glitter glue to match the border

 As much as I struggled with this challenge I thought I should use the write up for the post as my journaling
 I threw in one more photo of the lake and some flowers, brads and ribbon

Here's what the 2 page spread looks like.

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  1. No wonder I like you...I have a pair of Justin Red Ropers, too. (Yes, I still have them and have been known to wear them.) They are just one of my collection of pair of boots! Great LO!!!

  2. Haven I love your picture and the story behind your layout. Love that you put it with your layout too. Such great journaling that should be remembered.

  3. Love the two page spread! AWESOME! Love the journaling!

  4. Great idea for the challenge!!! And love that you've made such a wonderful double page with that big pic and journalling!! Love, love!!
    Toni.. :)

  5. Ohhh.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Awesome spread!! Those photos are gorgeous!!

  6. Oh gosh.....this is stunning!!!! And i really love all of that journaling too....awesummmmmmmmm!!!

  7. Haven, I think this is one of your best LO's. It's a gorgeous photo, but I think more than that is the story behind it. I love that you journalled that. Very creative and I just love this.

  8. Haven, this is my favorite LO of all you have done. I am a water girl too! The story behind your lo is well done also-and does a wonderful job of giving a peek into military family life. I have no idea what Justin Red Roopers are though-I think you should do a lo on them:)