Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ribbon and Lace with a hint of Pink

This weeks challenge at Lasting Memories is to use ribbon and lace with a hint of Pink.

  I must say that this is my favorite LO in a long while.  I started out the whole process on Tuesday when I created the background page ( see picture below LO).  I can almost here you saying "you made your background paper?"  Well I did and I'll let you in on a little secret.  If you're not in a rush and have time to let modge podge dry.  You too can make this awesome background with a little bit of old news paper, modge podge and glitter.  I used a piece of yucky green card stock so ugly that covering it completely was the only options.  Covered it in a layer of Modge podge and covered with rough torn newspaper.  I covered each piece with more podge so that I could layer pieces of paper.  Then I topped the whole thing with white glitter to mutt the newsprint.  Let it dry over night and dream of all the possibilities.  By the time I had the youngest to preschool on Wednesday I had it all figured out.

I was inspired to create this background by the seriously creative September challenge- TexTure
which is to create a project that includes book print/text pattern and at least one textural or dimensional ( non paper) element. 
I only used tiny bits of ribbon at the bottom of the Lo on the Adore tag.
The lace I raided from my daughters sewing supplies and stitched it onto the heart that I cut (10.5 inches Gypsy wandering).  yet another piece of unloved pink card stock.  It had some funky swirls that you can't even see after the lace was stitched.  I'm trying to use up my neverending stash of paper.  I've inherited a ton of paper from my husbands aunt and probably will get more from my MIL.  Some of it's not my style so I'm getting creative.  The bits of pink and brown paper, heart circles and adore tag are piece from a card kit that I got years ago and never used till now.  I have a large stash of embellishments I'm trying to work through too, so that makes up the remainder of the chip board pieces

All the frames and blue pieces of chip board are from a pack I bought for the clearance section at Ben Franklin back in 2008. I know cause I used up the last of my Christmas gift card on it

Last little bit I promise.  Sorry I've been so long winded, but like I said I really like this layout.
I hope you like it too and that you'll be inspired to join us at lasting memories.


  1. Haven this is absolutely beautiful!!!!! I'm gonna have to give this a turned out so shabby chic!!!

  2. Wow Haven! This is super creative! I love the background you created. Hmmm, I think I have some modge podge upstairs too! Nice LO and cute pics!!

  3. Haven.. Leaving me speechless again.. I love this LO! Very girlie, very nice & pretty! Love it!
    And that background is awesome, I had not guessed you made it.... Might give it a try myself too..
    Thanks for sharing.. Toni.. Xoxo

  4. Wowza, Haven! How creative, what a fantastic idea and fantastic LO!

  5. Love, love. love this! Gorgeous way to do the background and love it with the pink.

  6. oh my goodness... love the newspaper background - i must copy this one day... love love love it

  7. Oooh, I love your fabulous background! This layout is gorgeous, thanks so much for joining our Seriously Creative Challenge ;)

  8. Man, your background paper is "Seriously Creative"!!! It's totally INCREDIBLE - I absolutely LOVE it!!! Thanks for the inspiration, and thanks for joining us at Seriously Creative Challenges, hugs, Roxy.