Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spirograph at child's play

I need to apologize to all my followers and fellow DT members at Child's play challenge.  I have really fallen down on keeping up.  Literally.  I was unexpectedly called to service at the Northwest centennial Girl scout roundup last week and managed to fall and severally bruise my leg.  I haven't been able to move much and  have spent  the last few days  flat on my back with my leg elevated and ice on it.
 I'm  so sorry.

Now on to the current challenge
It's time  for August challenge #3! Today we're playing with a classic art toy- the Spirograph
here's what I did:

I used this  Creative memories template as a poor mans spirograph

 All I did was give it a little twist after every pass  to get the criss crossing lines like the spirograph

The smaller circles are juct freehand doodles

Keeping it simple so I can get off my feet and back to elevating.  Hope to be back to normal soon

Please join us for this fun challenge
and there is still time to enter the ,beach ball and "oh the places you'll go" challenge


  1. oh great layout! very eye catching!!
    And I actually have that same CM template but never used it before, because I've never really known what to put it with, but that looks fantastic! thanks for the inspiration! Might have to go experiment with mine now..
    Thanks, Toni..

  2. Ooh I loved Spirograph as a child!! :-) Great layout!