Monday, October 24, 2016

Heritage at Use your stuff

Karrie is hosting challenge # 239, and she wants to see something from your Heritage. What does heritage mean to you?  Old photos or old paper, or new supplies that look old, a photo that is older than 20 years, a piece of memorabilia or ephemera older than 10 years, or maybe document a memory  you have of something longer than 5 years ago. There are not too many restrictions on your creation other then an explanation in your blog post how your project fits the theme.
Karrie also wants you to use as much other stuff as you can  
For my heritage feature I'm using a photo of my brother and I from mid 1970's. 
Definitely older then 20 years and you can tell with the fun orangish tint of the photo. I've tried editing it in a photo shop type program but couldn't get the color correction to my liking.
So I went with using the original.

I also used some older ephemera.  The gold scallops are from the stationary section of my husbands grandfather's trading post. (probably circa 1950's).  The wooden button is from a pair of my childhood overalls from about the same time period as the photo.
I hope to have inspired you to pull out something from your past to share with us at Use your Stuff

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