Sunday, March 29, 2015

2 Tweet cards

Not the post I thought I was going to do next, but still a scout one none the less.
I've been busy delivering our troops boxes of Gift of caring cookies.  1st case has been deposited with a peer trainer for foster kids.  They put out cookies and treats during supervised visits between kids and biological parents.  Next boxes is ready to go down to the blood bank for distribution to mobile blood draw sites.  Nothing like a quick girl scout cookie pick me up after donating a pint.  I just finished packing two flat rate boxes with another case of cookies for our US troops in Okinawa, Japan, thus the cards in the post.  Now that it's in the mail.  I thought I'd share.
peek inside the boxes going to Japan.
I used the same basic design on both of them and Love how cute they turned out.
I picked up the felt supplies  at Target for making valentines. 
 Just opened the package yesterday though
Okay so ne4xt post coming soon will really be of the cub food drive.
  Photos are out now to get them on the page
Although I still have 1 more case of cookie to get delivered so who knows

Friday, March 27, 2015

Punkin Chunkin

Working my way through the beginning of my sons Scout year and found this great sketch to use over at Scrap Book Challenge #443

I flipped the sketch
 as my subjects where facing the other direction and I wanted them looking towards the title instead of off the page. 

I also floated the photo of my son up a bit more then in the sketch to fill in the blank space.
It also follows the eye line of in the larger 6x6 photo

I created the larger photo by splicing together two photos.
One of my son with his pumpkin and one with him and the Pack leader getting ready to load the catapult

Pumpkin just after being launched.
On to the next set of photos.  Scouting for food

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Repeat kind of

   For the 2013 Blue and Gold silent auction I created a premade scout page along with a description of my services for a four hour scrap session for the highest bidder. I kept the premade page and support materials as the winning bid wanted to do a baby book.
    I'm kicking myself right now as I didn't take a before shot of the page, thinking I still had the post of the original project.  Silly me. Can't find it after much hunting, but if this looks familiar you'll know why.
Totally wish I could have found the old post and give credit to the sketch artist I followed as well.
Originally it was designed for 2 stacked 4x4 photos on a long mat.  I choose to use a 4x6 photo and shorten the mat while adding 2 smaller photos below the main focal photo.

My little Eric on the trail to Bobcat

This next page was part of the description portion I mentioned above.
I added the Blue background and mat to the existing pieces to create this quick and easy page of my son receiving his Bobcat award 

 There he is in the middle

Soccer Golf with Stuck

Yeah I'm scrapping again after a 6 week break due to Girl Scout cookie season.
Our troop did awesome with almost 7000 boxes sold, but now it's time to switch gears and get my Boy Scout creative mojo going.
I found a great sketch over at Stuck
I rotated the sketch to work with my photo orientation
I also left out all the extra circles to keep the focus on the Soccer ball/ large circle element to carry the theme of the layout.  I did however keep the triangle and stitching.
Tried some paint splatter, but it doesn't show well on the dark background paper.

All the paper/ alpha is K and Company BSA traditional paper

Monday, March 2, 2015

Crazy busy

Yes, Girl scout cookie sales has taken over my life again, but that's what happens when you manage a group of 33 girls.  The only crafting I've got in has been this Thank you card for my son's Tiger Den.
The boys went to the local TV station for a tour and got to be on camera at the end of the show.
I love the Washi tape over the brown ribbon and I love that I'm stash busting again.  The paper is a scrap piece from another scout page and the paw print sticker and square are recycled from a blank camping album I took apart.  Thank You is in all capital letters as that what was left of the yellow alpha stickers.