Saturday, March 26, 2016


I'm taking a scrap break and doing other craftiness today.  Actually I've been working on it since last night.  I'm using images from the pack invitation to create a few different murals that will be hung around the gym.
Just getting started with the more complete shots below.  I was posting my progress to facebook  and thought it might be nice to blog about it to.  Having a blast playing with dry tempera paints, Mr. Sketch markers and crayons.  Can't forget the glittery night sky too.  Sprinkled with wreck less abandon.

These are the images on the first mural from last night.  I totally love how the owl turned out.

And here is the start of mural #2.  similar tents but this time I have bushes in the background and a squirrel family in the foreground as what camping trip would be complete without squirrels

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