Saturday, March 21, 2015

Repeat kind of

   For the 2013 Blue and Gold silent auction I created a premade scout page along with a description of my services for a four hour scrap session for the highest bidder. I kept the premade page and support materials as the winning bid wanted to do a baby book.
    I'm kicking myself right now as I didn't take a before shot of the page, thinking I still had the post of the original project.  Silly me. Can't find it after much hunting, but if this looks familiar you'll know why.
Totally wish I could have found the old post and give credit to the sketch artist I followed as well.
Originally it was designed for 2 stacked 4x4 photos on a long mat.  I choose to use a 4x6 photo and shorten the mat while adding 2 smaller photos below the main focal photo.

My little Eric on the trail to Bobcat

This next page was part of the description portion I mentioned above.
I added the Blue background and mat to the existing pieces to create this quick and easy page of my son receiving his Bobcat award 

 There he is in the middle

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