Friday, March 27, 2015

Punkin Chunkin

Working my way through the beginning of my sons Scout year and found this great sketch to use over at Scrap Book Challenge #443

I flipped the sketch
 as my subjects where facing the other direction and I wanted them looking towards the title instead of off the page. 

I also floated the photo of my son up a bit more then in the sketch to fill in the blank space.
It also follows the eye line of in the larger 6x6 photo

I created the larger photo by splicing together two photos.
One of my son with his pumpkin and one with him and the Pack leader getting ready to load the catapult

Pumpkin just after being launched.
On to the next set of photos.  Scouting for food

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  1. Fabulous layout! Love how you spliced two photos together!!