Sunday, October 27, 2013

Journaling at lasting memories

This weeks challenge at lasting memories is to Journal, Journal, Journal

Don't worry about the number of times I said Journal in the first line.  You don't have to write a novel for this challenge.  My journal sections are rather small
Even though my class is officially over at  Big Picture I'm combining my DT layout with the class/ challenge.  If you're a class member then you've already seen this layout posted on the gallery and if not here's my two takes on the journal challenge
For the left brain challenge we are to write only on a pre-designed journaling card that is then incorporate into the design of the layout

As you can see I grab an all time favorite tag from a colobox journal pad.
I actually used the tag as my starting point to pull together the colors of the layout as well as the embellishments.  I like how the journal tag gave me the freedom to pull random pictures from mother's day weekend and make it all come together as I got to list my favorite things about the weekend.
For the right brain challenge we had to finish the layout and then add a handwritten story.  with the added challenge that everything must be adhered to the layout, so that you couldn't move the elements to make room for the journaling

So glad for the right brain challenge because I only had two photos from my daughters birthday.  The one with her and the cake and the other is of her sister frosting the cake.  So instead of a lame two photo layout I was able to combine two birthdays and united them with the journaling about my daughters budding culinary skills.  I did adhere all the elements as I built the layout and decided that the background was too busy to journal on directly so I used one of the paper tiles to write on.  No do overs but I did have to shorten the journaling and use numbers instead of spelling it all out

21/22 out of 50


  1. Hi Haven, great journaling and fun memory!

  2. I'm enjoying seeing all these layouts from your class!

  3. Wow. I love the way you pulled all the concepts from class into your layouts!

  4. Great journaling on both layouts. And wonderful pages!

  5. love these LO Haven! Love all the rounded corners on the 2nd one.