Sunday, September 9, 2012

It's in the movies at lasting memories

This weeks challenge at Lasting Memories we are going to the movies.
 So use something from your favorite movie

  I really struggled with this one as I don't have a favorite go to movie and I'm not really good with movie quotes either.  Which is super surprising because I'm married to "Mr. Movie Quote".  I kid you not.  My husband's best friend Leonard made a board game featuring movie quotes and trivia.  It's a rather elaborate game and makes me feel very inadequate because I usually have no clue.

I did know that with the bounty of recent movies starring archers that I could fake something for sure.
Besides this weeks optional sketch by Ashley Horton scream bulls eye to me and I have the perfect pictures of my daughter at archery club.
Ashley Horton Sketch
   I was thinking I might go Hunger Games even though I hadn't seen the movie or maybe Snow white and the Hunts man.  Maybe I could stretch the journaling somehow to talk about how she was the only girl in class, before the Hunger Games made archery cool, but I still couldn't come up with a good title.  My husband suggested the line "oh merry men" from shriek and so it stuck because she was in a class full of men (actually middle school boys)

So without further ado here's my layout
I stuck with the classic Errol Flynn Robin Hood colors  for the Layout and added multiple layered circle to mimic the target

I kept the embellishments to a couple paper fletchings and strand of ribbon to draw the eye into
 my daughter taking aim

And of course the journaling

"Ashley throughly enjoyed archery even though she was the only girl in her class.
Here she is looking rather Robin Hoodish in all green, tights and boot"

Hope you don't struggle as much as I did, as we would love to see your take on the challenge.
Don't forget about our monthly prize.  The more you play the more chances to win.  We are also  looking for an October guest designer.  If you'd like a chance just and GDT after your name when you link it up.


  1. Good for Ashley! I love the title you chose as well. It's perfect!! Great LO and great take on that sketch too!

  2. hi Haven! i dont have your email address but just wanted you to know you won my giveaway from the blog hop!
    email me ;-)
    thanks for playing!

  3. hey congrats on the win!!
    love that you have photos of archery! great take on the sketch and love the title to go with it - turned out fab!!

  4. Yayyyyyy haven won some goodies!!!!! I love your page!! You rocked that sketch girl!!! My kids got to do some archery last summer at a TWRA even and they just loved it!!

  5. Struggle??
    That LO certainly doesn't look like a struggle!!! You owned that LO! It is awesome!! Looks so great!

    Love the elements you put in there too!


    Oh, btw, congrats on winning some goodies! :)

  6. Love love how you tilted everything! This is awesome! Great layout and you made it look EASY!!!

  7. This came out so great and I do love the title. I used to love doing archery in High School and college. So fun!

  8. Hi Haven! You really did a fantastic job with the sketch!

  9. Good for Ashley. Tell her I was the only girl in my drafting and tennis classes, back when girls were just being allowed to take those classes. I know the strength and courage it takes to do that and I am sending my hugs:) Great LO Haven!