Thursday, August 2, 2018

Where has the summer gone

Where has the summer gone?  It’s been a busy time... I dropped two kids off at Ultimook running camp and have an up coming Girl Scout day camp, so my morning work schedule has freed up a little as I'm not currently teaching swim lessons.  Yeah me... Now to get the Hiking patol scrapbook updated before Danielle and I head to Mt Hood to help a Brownie troop with their Hiker badge so they can earn their Outdoor journey.  Danielle has planned out all the steps for them as she is working on her Leader in Action (LIA) award.

Step #1 ask an expert-  We going to share the patrol scrapbook and talk about the different hikes we've done
Step#2 Learn to follow trail signs- we will do an actual course at camp. We’ll also talk about leave no trace principles and how it ties into using and leaving trail signs.
Step #3 Ask an older Girl Scout about what to pack.  Danielle wil do a show and tell of her daypack and we will have a discussion and handout of the 10 essentials.
Step #4 Snack- walking Salad
Step #5 Play I spy- Danielle and I have created a trail bingo game that the girls can complete in pairs as we hike.

To get caught up I'm using this sketch from Sketches in Thyme, but rotated it to work with my pieced together panoramic photo of the cascaded range in the mid Willamette valley,

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