Sunday, November 19, 2017

Lasting Memories recipe for November 19th

This month at Lasting memories we have been utilizing  recipes to create our layouts.  I'm all for recipes when trying something new or pushing outside of my comfort zone, but I find that I have a hard time sticking to them exactly.  So for the November 19th recipe of  2 photos, 2 different fonts for title, 4 patterned papers, 5 buttons, 1 ribbon/trim/twine, 4 die cuts and sprinkle with mist I altered it to fit my needs and to work with the items I took to retreat with me.  I could have probably have misted but that would have required extra table space which was at a premium at the retreat. Space in case of over misting and then somewhere to let it dry so I could keep working.  I also didn't carry buttons or twine with me as I tried to pack light and stick to the kits I've accumulated in the last year.  I think I'm done with purchasing kits for a while.  Need to work through the ones that I have.   

If you have the chance to join use this week feel free to alter and adjust the recipes as needed

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  1. Super cute layout Haven and love the boldness of the black cardstock with the pattern papers :) Love the grid look of the layout too. Super cute pictures <3