Saturday, April 9, 2016

Blue and Gold creations

This is how I've been spending all of my crafty time
 Den table markers.  In an effort to have all the Den's sit together I made these.

The overall theme for the banquet was camping and wilderness so I stuffed canning jars with crepe paper glass stones and tissue paper to mimic a campfire 

I made wolf place makers too, but just don't have a photo of them.
14 badges double sided

signage for the auctions and no we didn't bid on the kids it was items for kids to bid on.  I cranked these out late at night so I wasn't really think about how they read at the time, until the jokes started pouring in after the 11:30 progress photo posted on Facebook.

Last but not least is this beauty of a sign. 
I wanted to make it look like a sign post in camp but just ran out of time.
Maybe if I didn't have so much scouting going on at once.
3 scout events in one day

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