Saturday, January 17, 2015

Some pages...Finally

I got to head to the Mountains for a weekend scrap retreat.
Spent last Friday- Sunday at McKenzie River Mountain Resort. Just what I needed to jump start the scrapping again.  I cranked out over 112 pages.  Although 90 of them required little effort as they were mostly kids artwork and report cards that I stuck into there school albums.  Friday 3-11pm was spent on the 4 kids school albums.  ( Caught up and current for now).
Thought about trying to be the last one up for a shoot at my consultants special prize drawing, but only lasted till 1am.  Turns out the last ladies in the room stayed till 5:30am
Saturday and Sunday I spent on the other 12 pages.
Saturdays page count was 10 in 16hrs.  Not a great average as I was dealing with stupid Girl Scout cookie issues via text as well as having to have my daughters search the scrapbook I left at home to make sure I wasn't duplicating any pages.  That's what happens when you take a long break from scrapping.  Could have sworn I finished off 2012, but no just jumped from Summer to late Fall/ Christmas.  Probably because of the challenge class I did way back when as I usually scrap in chronological order.
So here is the first 4 that I did on retreat;
Page #1
Totally love the colors of the "Strut your Stuff" paper pack from CM

I mixed and matched a few elements from my spring scrap score from the local grange art sale.
The heart is a brad I picked up along with the pre threaded buttons. 

Used a little scrap paper from the pack to make the ribbons and found a spot for one last little photo from my daughters hike with her Great Aunt Diane.
More of the Strut your stuff paper and a mix of embellies.
So glad I spent the early part of my morning sorting my stash as I almost forgot about the brads, buttons, flowers, felt and paper I had stashed in the cropper hopper case I scored this spring.
isn't that arrow fun.  Yup another brad from the spring stash

couple more buttons and cut paper
Page #3
The paper is also from the stash some sort of. 
   grunge/ rocker/ princess pack filled with paper and dies cuts

All the blue elements are die cuts from the pack
you guessed it one more page with "strut your stuff"

The alpha are thicker " candy cane that I sanded leaving just the edge of color.
So that's it for now. 
 I'll work on the next round of 4 pages for another post as this one is getting rather long.

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