Sunday, September 29, 2013

Evens and odds at lasting memories

This weeks challenge at lasting memories is to use
an even number of photos and an odd number of embellishments. 
I worked in the requirements of this challenge into my current class challenge at Big Picture.
For the left brain challenge we were to group multiple photos of different sizes and orientations on a layout, kind of like a photo collage.  I didn't create it on the computer and print it as I wanted to use the prints I already have.  To achieve the same effect as having printed a photo collage I just mounted all the photos on to white card stock an left a small border.  
I used CM happy birthday stack pack and washi tape
As you can see I have 4 photos (even number) and one pin wheel, one journal card, five pennants for a combined total of three types of embellishments.  Tricky 

these pennants were connected to look like the were sewn onto a piece of twine.  I didn't like the funky angle that it did so I cut and paste the way I wanted it.
For the right brain challenge at Big Picture
We were to start with a favorite recent photo, determine the date it was taken, then scramble the numbers to create a new date, select a photo from that date and put them both on the same layout while establishing a connection.
This was a bit harder as I usually scrap chronologically so I pulled one from were I'm at in my scrap pile which would be April 2012.  I used a photo of me and my girl friends celebrating April's birthday.   Her actual birth is 4/28 but we went out on the 29th so her sister could come.  Anyway the reconfigured date I came up with was 9/24.  The closest event to this date was Hooky weekend.  It's an adult girl scout camp at the end of September. 

here's my layout with the girl friend connection.  The journaling inside the flower goes like this
"scout friends, work friends, but most of all the best of my girl friends"

Again I used even number of photos and odd embellishments.
This time I did cluster of threes.
  Three buttons, three piece of washi tape, and stitching/ embroidery floss
and of course the single flower frame.
Hope you been inspired to show us your even and odd creations at lasting memories this week
stay tuned for my next  Big Picture assignment-Journaling
This is Layouts 17 &18 out of 50


  1. Great take on the challenge. Love the banners in your top layout and the colors you chose!

  2. oooo... AWESOME! Love the left brain challenge.

  3. Both your LO's are great now I know what to do with those dozens of grave yard pix that my grandmother took.

  4. Wonderful layouts. This big picture challenge is really intriguing me!! Fun way to show 2 different dates. I don't think I could do this. But I like seeing what you are going to do next!! :-)

  5. Wow, these are awesome, Haven! Love the banners. You're getting closer and closer to your 50 LO goal too!