Friday, June 1, 2012

camp awards

Okay I've been slacking on the LO's.  The last few weeks I've been caught up in helping plan camp for the girls in our service unit.  Two weeks ago it was Camp "believe" at Neverwox (Camp Cleawox).  This weekend it's Iron Chef 2 for the older girls.  Super intense Canoe and Archery camp with a Iron Chef style cooking competition.  This year they are making Pasta sauce and box oven cup cakes.

Anyway I'm in charge of canoes again and have made some awards for the girls.
 I bought some frames at St Vincent De Paul for (99 cents or less) per frame.
The photo my husband took when we were at camp for camp believe. 
 I wrote directly on the photo with silver gel pen
 I also used my label maker for the Award type. 
Most improve paddler, fastest canoe over canoe and fastest completion of obstacle course
Lastly I taped a patch to the glass that the girls can put on the uniform as a reminder of their accomplishment

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  1. What an awesome idea!! Something they can keep forever!!